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Teaching & Education

• Hebrew (Grammar, Reading, Conversational)
• Bible
• Prayers
• Jewish History
• Modern Israel
• Midrash, Halacha and Ethics
• Cantillation of Torah and Haftarah

Individual and group courses are available on a wide variety of topics which I either am currently teaching or offer to teach at a time and place which are convenient to you. I have taught adults and children of all ages and always try to make the subject matter interesting, engaging, and refreshing – if not outright fun! Not everyone learns in the same manner, so I do adapt my methods and my materials to account for different learning modalities(I am even experienced in working with certain learning disabilities such as dyslexia and ADHD).

Learning is a life-long pursuit and Judaism has a treasure trove to offer which is still pertinent to our lives today. Feeling comfortable in services and being able to participate actively in the prayers and Torah/Haftarah readings are certainly skills, which I can help you to achieve in a matter of a few months of classes. Reading Hebrew for whatever purpose and/or speaking modern Hebrew are also abilities that I can help anyone develop – even if you had thought it impossible up until now!


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