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Religious Services & Ceremonies

wedding• Shabbat
• High Holidays
• All Jewish Holidays
• Life Cycle Ceremonies
• Daily Prayers

I lead services in Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist and Renewal congregations of various sizes, and I can follow the traditional service format or create an original one that will meet the needs of any group. My training and experience includes chanting the prayers using the appropriate nusach, singing a wide variety of congregational melodies new and old, and chanting Torah and Haftarah. 

The services I lead include much congregational participation—both with individuals helping lead prayers, readings, and rituals as well as the entire group singing, reading, meditating, or dancing together. While   always make sure there are plenty of opportunities for individual prayer and reflection in the services, I also believe that it is through the power of praying together that we each grow stronger, strengthen each other, and sense God’s presence. 

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