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Spiritual/Pastoral Counseling

When we are faced with crises in life, there are ways we can deal with these to both strengthen and ease our spirits.  As a trained and licensed Professional Counselor and an Ordained Rabbi, I bring much experience to this work of spiritual healing. While I know that I can never know the real pain or suffering you are experiencing, I can be with you,  really listen to you, and help you to find your way forward out of the darkness, anger, confusion, and sorrow that surrounds you.

I believe that each of us has been given our own unique paths with its own set of trials as well as blessings in life, and that we are never alone—even at the most difficult moments. If we look deeply inwards and listen for the still, small voice of the Divine planted within each of us, then we can find answers and connect to others and to the larger universe of which we are such an important part. The wisdom of the ages speaks to us—and we can access this through meditation, prayer, and the ancient words of our Bible and of our Sages. I will help you to find these words and to receive the messages that are meant just for you through these spiritual counseling session.


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