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Conversion to Judaism

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For those who are seriously considering converting to Judaism, I will be honored to help you make this decision, which really is a two-way matter. After a period of usually 6-9 months of study and serious discussions with me, we will together conclude if this is really something for you because it is not something you can “ un-choose.” It is a most wonderful way of living, but also requires you to take on certain responsibilities and a deep identification with the Jewish people – who become your people. 

The course itself requires reading, seeing some movies, attending services at different synagogues, celebrating the Jewish holidays with others, learning a few prayers in Hebrew (and how to read/speak Hebrew, if you are so motivated), participating in at least one Jewish social action project, and writing about your thoughts and experiences. At the end, if this is the path freely chosen by you and approved by the Beit Din (myself and two other clergy who form a “rabbinic court”), then there will be a ceremony of immersion in the mikvah with blessings recited followed by either a welcoming/naming ceremony with family at the on-site chapel or in the synagogue of your choosing on the very next Shabbbat. I will, of course, prepare you (and your loved one ) thoroughly for this ritual experience, too.


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